NetBet Special

During the european football can rest just as well as the Euro 2016 is over and the new season has not yet started the ball is rolling in the USA. The sports betting providers NetBet therefore offers its customers the chance, MLS games and to benefit from the combined boost.

Now there are also many of the top players in the american MLS so that the League fans has a lot to offer. We hope Frank Lampard, Andrea Pirlo and David Villa, all of which play for New York City on the table top. The same applies for Steven Gerrard, Ashley Cole and Robbie Keane with LA Galaxy in the table management want to get.
Correctly use the USA combined boost
customer of the bookmaker NetBet can the USA combined correctly use, if you are with your player account. You will then need to make your selection on the Action page, in order for these to be admitted. Players must have for this promotion the correct number of MLS-games to choose. It is important to note that it is at least 3 games to a minimum quota of 1.20. This applies: the more games select customer, the greater the chances of winning.

The offers for increased profits refer to specific markets and sports, such as it is in the general terms and conditions of business of the bookmaker is listed. It can be used for the action only pre-live bets can be used. System Bets which several multi bets or individual values for this offer can not be used. The increased profits are output in percent, in addition to the already offered betting win. They are used as additional profits to a total profit of the placed combination or system bets added.

Further provisions on participation to action

the additional profits to the customer after the betting evaluation shall be credited. The amount of credit is in bar, there may be a potential time delay of 5 minutes. A selection is canceled or it is not valid, it cannot meet the wagering requirements. Customers who bet with a freebet token or with real money and a freebet token can not be paid for this action.

The bookmaker reserves the right to cancel the promotion at any time and without prior notice to quit. If player should try to abuse the action, all bonuses excluded. The bookmakers also reserves the right to payment and profits to cancel If the profits by the combi boost over 10,000 Euro. For players from the following countries is the promotion is not permitted: United Kingdom, Poland, Portugal, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burkina Faso, Benin, Côte d’Ivoire, Czech Republic, Georgia, Croatia, Hungary, India, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Lithuania, Moldova, Macedonia, Nigeria, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Russia, Uzbekistan, Zimbabwe and Ukraine.

Expekt sports – Sommer Special

The Euro 2016 is over, but a summer of sport is still in full swing. For Expekt sports users means that – so – at the end of the month a special gains for avid gamers. These include cash prizes as well as free games. For the participation of sports betting customers only need to place.

The Set bets can be on any sports events. It is important that these between the 12. July and 31. July 2016. This is also the minimum rate and the maximum bet to be observed. In this way, customers can get prices of up to 1,000 euros in cash.
The Expekt summer sports challenge in the overview

for the Expekt action to make customers log in to the button click on the Action page. Then you must bet on any sporting events between the 12. and 31. July 2016. This must be of a minimum quota of 1.50 and a maximum use of 20 Euro. In this way customers can points profits. Depending on how many points you collect, the distribution of prices.

To win there is, among other things, 50 free games for the Online Casino of the provider up to 1,000 euros in cash. For each of the euro will be player one point in the ranking positions. Players who bet on your mobile device, even with 5 points per euro rewarded. The rankings will each day during the promotion period always updated so that customers can view your stand. The 200 top-ranked players the following prizes:

Space: 1,000 euros in cash
to 50- space: 20 Euro cash prize
to 200. Place: 50 free games

terms and conditions of

the offer combined action can only be used by customers with a valid account with the bookmaker. Each player may only be used once in the action part. In the qualifying bet must be a live bet pre-match bet, single or multiple bet. Qualifying bets must be on a betting market with a minimum ratio of 1.50 and a maximum use of 20 Euro. Customers receive points in accordance with the bets placed. The bets will be converted into euros and then in points. Players who bet on your smartphone, you can even set for each Euro 5 points. In the event of a tie, the player with the higher number of qualifying bet, the higher placement. A full overview:

All prices shall be provided to the customer 48 hours after the end of the action will be credited. The bonus and its use are subject to the general terms and conditions of business of Betclic. This means that the bonus payment by the customer before a 6 times to a minimum quota of 2.00 must be implemented. Each bet must be on an event with at least three potential results are placed. The bonuses are from receipt only valid for 30 days. Bonuses in this period of time is not used, will lapse and the customer account is removed. The bookmaker reserves the right at any time to change the action.

U19 Championship

While it is for the host country Germany only at the end of the third place in group A has been enough, but at least the opportunity to meet with a victory in the game by Tier 5 against the Netherlands nor the ticket for the U-20 World Cup in the next year to back up, rise on Thursday the two semi-finals of the U19 European Championship, in which only great football nations are represented.

Like the previous preliminary games and then also the final, which fought in Sinsheim, both semi-finals in southern Germany. Before these two meetings, the bookmaker Bet-at-home is no clear favorites, England for a flawless preliminary round with three victories but at least slightly at the front. For the title of the Three Lions offers bet-at-home the ratio 2.75 before then France with the 3.50, Portugal with the 3.75 and Italy with 5.00 Consequences.

The two semi-finals in detail:

England – Italy, 21.07.2016, 12 pm
while England 2:1 with three victories against France, the Netherlands and Croatia sovereign has saved the group victory, Italy only a success that also against Germany with almost 1:0 and on the basis of the game very flattering failed. Against Austria and Portugal came the Squadra Azzurra is not over two 1:1-Draw, but ultimately to place two ranged and ensure that Italy remains unbeaten in this season.

With England now but a Herculean task on the Italian U19 so far in this tournament could convince only conditionally. The Bookmakers anyway see the Three Lions as favorites, such as the maximum rate 2.00 by mybet and Tipico for betting on an English victory after 90 minutes. For tips on Italy, meanwhile inter bets with the already significantly higher than the rate of 3.80. And who is in a draw and so that a decision would be made in the extension or after penalties believes is with the also inter-bets offered rate 3.45 The best served.

Portugal – France, 21.07.2016, 17:00
in the second semi-final, there are eleven days after the final of the “right” EM to neauflage the duel between Portugal and France. Unlike the first semi-final do the bookmakers difficult to determine a favorite. Portugal has with a 4:3 victory against Germany and two 1:1 against Italy and Austria sound, while France after an opening bankruptcy against England (1:2) has greatly increased and Croatia (2:0) and the Netherlands (5:1) sovereign defeated.

Probably not least because of the as fresh as strong impression from the game against the Netherlands see the Bookmakers The Team Tricolor easily in the advantage. For betting on a french victory is the mybet and Tipico offered maximum quota 2.50 each if a bit lower than for tips on Portugal, for which the ratio 2.75 of inter betting the maximum. For betting on draw are meanwhile with inter-betting, Mybet and Tipico three bookmakers in each case with the Top-Quote 3.30 for selection.